Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions and answers which we often deal with. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us.

How many characters/lines can I use on my personalised product?

The limit of characters and number of lines available is dependent on the size of the item itself (this is specified on each individual product page). Our personalised products can include 1, 2 or 3 lines of personalisation and feature up to 15 or 20 characters per line.

 Can I order a personalised product over the phone?

Yes, You contact us or email us with your requirements.Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?

An order can only be cancelled if it hasn’t yet gone into production in our factory, however most of our personalisation processes place orders into production immediately. Best practice is to contact us as soon as possible, so that we can advise on the order status and whether it can be cancelled.

Can we select a specific delivery day/time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer delivery for specific days or times.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to the UK, Ireland

Can I return an item?

Unfortunately we aren’t able to accept returns due to the nature of the products for sale. Please view our returns policy for more information


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